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M2-1001 Cafe Racer

So what is better than taking delivery of a very cool Roadster?... taking delivery of the COOLEST Roadster ever made of course! 


Like she needs any introduction, the almost unobtainable M2-1001 Cafe Racer. A race ready Mk1 Roadster, sometimes referred to as the 'Clubman', the most expensive production Roadster ever, so exclusive prospective owners had to enter a lottery in Japan back in 1991 just to win the opportunity to purchase one of just 300 and this one is perfect in every way, achingly beautiful, an unmolested recent import, completely free from corrosion and just 39,303 verified miles (63,290KM)! A race tuned motor, sublime handling, bespoke interior and a deep 'Brave Blue' paint finish to die for. Oh, did we mention she's also the only one in the country (the only other M2-1001 that appeared to still be on the road in the UK, sadly a rather tired looking and molested example, recently being exported to a collector on the continent). This one however, is absolutely concours, original in every way, with an exclusivity rating that goes through the roof! 


It was originally intended for the M2-1001 to be free from a power steering system, in order to save weight and increase driver feedback which was the case for the first few cars sold but under pressure from a number of early customers, 'M2 Incorporated' offered power steering as a free option for the subsequent cars. Thankfully our M2 is one of the early examples without the power steering option.


Engine compression; Cylinders 1, 2, 3 and 4 read 210-215psi on our Snap-On compression gauge (a good standard MX-5 1.6/1.8 motor should read at least 170-190psi).





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Based in Bideford, North Devon in the South West of England we are the MX-5 Roadster specialist within easy reach of Somerset, Bristol, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, South Wales and the Midlands. Our inventory is constantly changing as certain models are sold very quickly indeed, so if you are looking for a pristine, low mileage example of an appreciating modern classic sports car then you've struck gold! We always have a beautiful, rust free, verified low mileage MX-5 for sale. We are fully equipped to carry out servicing, MOT preparation, bodywork repairs and MX-5 replacement roof fitting.

From all the original M2 interior detail to their exterior embelishments and exquisite engine bay, every aspect of this beautiful car is factory original and screams eye candy. The fit and finish is extraordinary, her original 15" Panasport Pro-rally alloy wheels have a finish and sparkle as the day they left the factory, with new Toyo Proxes TR-1 tyres all round. The body work itself, well what can I say?... without blemish of any kind, it has a depth and gloss to it rarely  seen outside of the very exotic marques, when we say perfect bodywork, we mean perfect bodywork. Her M2 fabricated nose cone (notoriously fragile and prone to fracture) is also without imperfection and exhibits an extraordinary lustre and finish. Unlike the few other M2's you'll see online, the fabulous bespoke Alcantara bucket seats of this one are absolutely pristine, still their original deep black as opposed to the bluey purple shade most become after 25 years in the sunlight. Right down to her original factory radio cassette player, aluminium and leather trim, vintage gauge set, everything about this car is an enthusiasts dream.


Unlike many other owners, the original owner of this example, a member of the M2-1001 owners club in Japan, resisted the temptation to molest or modify her in any way. This is definitely not a car to be used daily or stored outdoors, but rather to be used sparingly on choice days for pure driving enjoyment.


With M2 Inc. custom pistons, connecting rods, cam shafts, porting and gas flow, this high compression 1.6 litre* is an exhilarating ride with more torque and a completely different feel, the gear shift is second to none and the M2 tuned suspension makes you tingle, certainly the finest example we have driven in over 18 years of experience. Fortunately this little darling has never seen a race track and having benefited from an uncompromising level of ownership where servicing and maintenance has been more a ritual than a necessity. This being the case, no aspect of this car is left wanting in any way, an extraordinary experience awaits her lucky new owner.







Cafe Racer Spec list;


M2 Inc. factory race tuned 1.6 high compression 130BHP motor, lighweight flywheel, mechanical LSD with cooling duct, M2 custom handling (even the front and rear wishbones are marked 'M2'), 15" Panasport wheels, HKS exhaust system, custom air-dam with integrated fog lamps and rear spoiler, M2 custom black Alcantara RGF bucket seats, vintage dial set, M2 aluminium roll-over bar and custom interior/exterior fittings... kind of makes other MX-5 'limited editions' look a bit silly!



This is a Roadster you will not loose money on.

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