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Frequently asked questions...

What is the difference between an import and a UK spec' MX-5?


Well, firstly they made some very attractive models for the Japanese Market, some of which have become the most desirable Roadsters of all. All Japanese spec' Roadsters had power steering and air conditioning as standard, electric windows, multi speaker stereo systems and other goodies that just weren't available with the majority of the UK models. They produced sportier models for Japan, the UK models on the other hand just seem to be watered down and basic by comparison.


Then there's the question of rust, or lack of it! The imported Roadsters have not had long term exposure to salty winter roads which eat away our bodywork and chassis', the UK models on the other hand, can be very rusty indeed! Hence our preference for Japanese spec' cars, that's not to say we avoid UK models at all cost, as we have come across a number of very clean and original examples over the years, but they do tend to be few and far between.




Do all MX-5 Roadsters drive the same?


Quite simply, no. There are many factors that influence the way they handle and feel, some just feel great the moment you get behind the wheel and others don't! Some have been around now for over 20 years, which means many of the original parts may have been replaced, aftermarket wheels, different sized tyres to original factory spec, often the shock absorbers have been replaced too, not to mention countless other 'improvements' that people have made. Wheel and tyre size/weight can have a huge impact on the way your Roadster feels, handles and performs. We try our best to provide you with a Roadster that is as original as possible.




Are imported Roadsters difficult to insure?


Most insurers are more than happy to insure the Japanese spec' cars as they are fully aware that parts are readily available, in fact quite ironically they often turn out to have a lower premium than their UK spec' counterparts! I can strongly recommend both Aviva and Adrian Flux who regularly insure our import Roadsters without quibble, with a typical annual premium of around £230 for comprehensive cover!




Do Japanese spec' Roadsters have underbody rust protection?


All MX-5 Roadsters were made in the the same Hiroshima Plant on the same production line, using the same processes. They are all undersealed the same way wherever in the world they are finally destined for. It's no secret that a 20 year old imported Roadster is more than likely free from corrosion, where as a 'UK MX-5' just 6 years old may well have worrying visable signs of rust! This is due to the fact that they do not salt the roads in Japan and Japanese imports tend to be low mileage and therefore they have had far less exposure to general wear and tear.




Are import Roadster parts more difficult to find?


No, contrary to what your local Mazda dealership would have you believe, 99.9% of all parts are identical to the UK spec' cars and readily available here in the UK without the need for special order. In fact, I don't ever recall having to specially order a part for an import MX-5 Roadster in the last 15 years!











Based in Weston-super-Mare in the South West of England we are within easy reach of Somerset, Bristol, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, Wales and the Midlands. Our inventory is constantly changing as certain models are sold very quickly indeed, so if you are looking for a pristine, low mileage example of an appreciating modern classic sports car then you've struck gold!