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In a nutshell... we are MX-5 mad! Over the past 15 years we have had the privilege of owning, driving, working on and just plain enjoying literally hundreds of Mazda MX-5's and Eunos Roadsters from the very beginning right up to the very latest models.


We are the MX-5 specialists, with unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. Our standards are the benchmark, they have never changed, in fact if anything we have simply become fussier as time has gone by! Nobody goes to greater lengths and expense to provide you with an as close to perfect original Roadster as is possible.


Our MX5 Roadsters invariably go to exceptionally discerning customers who only accept the best. With that in mind, it's always a pleasure to hear from a customer who's looking for a good home for their cherished MX-5. We are more than glad to take our cars back when the time comes because we know just how good they are.


There are a number of so called 'MX-5 specialists' around the UK, both up north and here in the south, we strongly recommend you pay them a visit first, view their sub standard cars (we regularly see examples of their poor repairs or workmanship) and then you will appreciate just how special our cars are.





Although all the various models have their own individual merits, for us the original brief, the 'Mk 1' first introduced back in 1989 through to 1997, is still the most involving and rewarding driving experience. A combination of everything a 'British Classic' should be: nimble, lightweight, forgiving with an air of nostalgia that modern models can only hold a candle to... all this AND impeccable reliability too! That's exactly why we choose to specialise in this model with all its fabulous variations, some of which are very few and far between.


We have Mazda MX5 Roadsters for sale in many different colours, in both engine sizes and transmission combinations available. Being enthusiasts ourselves for more than 15 years, we particularly enjoy the Limited Editions originally made for the Japanese market. These are generally of higher specification and more importantly, rust free and have superior handling and performance, all of which goes to make for a better driving and ownership experience for you, and that's what it's all about!

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Based in Bideford, North Devon in the South West of England we are the MX-5 Roadster specialist within easy reach of Somerset, Bristol, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, South Wales and the Midlands. Our inventory is constantly changing as certain models are sold very quickly indeed, so if you are looking for a pristine, low mileage example of an appreciating modern classic sports car then you've struck gold! We always have a beautiful, rust free, low mileage MX-5 for sale. We are fully equipped to carry out servicing, MOT preparation, bodywork repairs and MX-5 replacement roof fitting.

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The MX-5 specialists...

So what is it about the Japanese imported models that appeals to us so much more than the UK franchise models? Well first and foremost we do not want rust, but it doesn't just end with rusty sills or wheel arches on the UK models (or Japanese imports that have spent too many winters here), for the most part what people do not consider even if they are aware of the MX5's potential corrosion issues is every aspect of servicing and maintenance on an MX5 that has suffered in this way is increased in time and expense because every nut, bolt and fastener is corroded and without extreme care during maintenance, will just shear off! There is nothing pleasurable about working on an MX5 that has spent its life here in the UK and has been used throughout the winter months.


Choosing a good Roadster is not just a case of finding one with no visible signs of rust or one that has apparently been repaired well. If you want a good one, the ONLY answer is an MX5 that has spent as little time here as possible! Welding a new sill section, arch or the entire rear wing simply promotes more corrosion, it does not matter how much care and attention the body repair specialist takes, the fact is corrosion will manifest itself once again in just a year or two. This is why we ONLY buy and sell recent or freshly imported MX5's which are free from rust.

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